Brain training: how to keep your brain in good shape

Brain training: how to keep your brain in good shape

The frantic pace of life, digital technology, an endless stream of information ... It is not surprising that the brains of most of us fail and cease to cope with such a load. We have difficulty remembering, we cannot concentrate on tasks, we suffer from our own inattention and so on. That is why today "training" the brain is as necessary as a habit of healthy eating and doing sports. The following tips will help keep your brain toned.

Keep in shape!

What improves brain performance, attention and memory? Of course, healthy sleep, exercising and proper nutrition. But do not limit yourself. Such simple actions as reading, drawing, solving crosswords and puzzles, memorizing the verses you like will help increase brain performance. Learn foreign languages, master new musical instruments, play chess and board games with the whole family — all this will not let your brain get bored and perfectly diversify your leisure time with your family or friends.

Get creative with your work

Whatever you do, any task can be completed in two ways: the usual and the alternative. You will have to invent the second one yourself. Take a fresh look at your workflow, try to think outside the box, solve problems creatively, and come up with fresh ideas. Instead of worrying about a new project, relax and start looking for alternative ways to achieve your ultimate goal.

Food for thought

When our brain does not receive enough nutrients, it stops functioning at full capacity, we become sleepy and lethargic ... And an invigorating cup of delicious coffee, unfortunately, will not help in any way. It turns out that brain cells also need proper nutrition. Therefore, you should include walnuts, blueberries, fish, eggs, lettuce and herbs in the diet. They have a great effect on our memory, help to improve attention and mental performance.

Use other routes

Home - work - home. This route can remain unchanged for years. The result is that the brain goes through it on autopilot, completely not being involved in the process. Try to get to the office in different ways and take a good look at the area where you live, walk where you have not been before. And before traveling to a new place, carefully study the maps in advance and try to get to the desired point without peeping into the application with maps and navigator tips.

With a smile for life

Unbelievable, but it is a fact! The easiest thing you can do for your brain health is to laugh more often. Everyone knows that positive emotions improve well-being, have a good effect on health and prolong life. So smiling and laughing is a great way to maintain a clear mind and a good memory until old age.

Complaining about poor memory and inattention is like regretting about weak abdominal muscles. Both can be corrected and trained. There would be a desire!

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