China and Covid-19 : Latest Update, Cases and Deaths

Despite the lockdown restriction was lifted last year, China are still in crisis with the number of cases and death from Covid-19 increasing every single day. It is recorded that in the period between December 8, 2022 to January 12, 2023, over 59 thousands of people’s death with Covid-related cases across the country. It was on January 15 that the latest update was published about the death toll after the last update on last year when the lockdown restriction was finally lifted. The death case was a significant spike from the previous month which was recorded of 13 deaths caused by respiratory failure, which the government include the cause of death as Covid-related cases. The country had only been available to record the data from patients who are charged in the hospital or clinics. The asymptomatic cases were not recorded as well as positive results from personal testing at home from the infected people which causes incoherent data of the cases happened across the country.

Are the data reliable?

The spike of the death cases from Covid-19 in China gets the special attention from World Health Organization (WHO) to collect more rapid, regular and reliable data from the country in order to overcome the issue. Despite the concern arises, Beijing confirmed that the data they provided are already on time, open and transparent. This was discussed by Dr Louise Blair, the representative of UK-based research company, Airfinity. He mentioned that the data of the significant spike of death cases in China does not represent the actual number as the samples were not taken from all results available. He then said that China is expected to have higher mortality per capita than other countries as those countries had better protection from vaccines and also in terms of natural immunity of their own people.

Health services bombed by increasing number of patients

By January 11, China have recorded the total of 64% from the whole population were infected by Covid-19. This issue causes major problem to health service providers such as hospitals and clinics that are facing overload patients and virus exposure to their health staff. Not only that, they were also pressured by the long queue for the clinics as well as running out of beds in the hospitals, causing patients to be treated in the waiting room. There are a number of videos going viral on internet and social media during December that show how crowded the hospitals were and also in the funeral homes. However, the government have set up temporary health centres throughout the country, including the intensive care facilities in order to treat patients with emergency needs.

Covid policy in China

Although the decision was not received well by most people in the country, the government decided to abandon the lockdown and set the quarantine rules abolished. People form other countries can now enter the country without any travel restriction upon their arrival. However, the opposite way comes to people in China to travel as several countries set Covid protocol before they enter the countries due to the decision taken by China government to completely scrap the Covid policy even during the period when the cases are still on a high level.

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