10 Interesting facts about italy

Italy is a large country located in Southern Europe. It has been an influential part of the world since ancient times, and its influence can be seen today in many different ways. The earliest known inhabitants to call Italy home were the Etruscans who lived on the peninsula from around 900 BC until they were absorbed by Rome during 500–400BC. The Roman Republic was established after winning its war with Carthage; it then went on to become one of history's greatest empires that lasted for centuries before falling apart due to civil wars and external invasions in 476 CE. During this period, Roman culture spread throughout much of Europe influencing art, architecture, government, language and law over time as well had a strong presence within modern contemporary Italian society today still having great effect culturally while also contributing high economic benefits through tourism places like Colosseum which attract millions of people every year from all four corners . After Rome fell there followed centuries with multiple kingdoms arising across Italy such as Lombards being most prominent ruling northern parts during 6th century ,followed by Franks taking up power at Middle Ages until fall Papal temporal States controlled major cities Vatican City included when unification process started mid 19th under Savoy reign running towards Kingdom status 1861 finally led first Prime Minister Count Cavour reunify rest regions forming United nation we know nowadays accepted UN Membership 1946 afterwards becoming founding member what now commonly referred European Union 1949 among other international organisations order build common future alongside fellow states continent level beyond boundaries recognized territories.

10 Interesting facts about italy

1. Italy has roughly 800 protected art sites, more than any other country in the world. 

2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa began leaning during construction in 1178 after weak foundations were laid on marshy land and started to sink into the soil; however building was continued despite this! 

3. Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the World with pasta being its national dish - there are over 600 different shapes of Pasta available throughout Italy each region having its preferred type! 

4. Italians have a total wine exceeds 45 million hectolitres annually, making them third-largest producers (or perhaps even second) behind France and Spain 

5. Italy currently holds 60 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – more than anywhere else around globe! 

6. The Colosseum which is located In Rome hosted some 50,000 spectators for gladiator fights as well as all sorts public spectacles including executions wild animal shows etc… It still remains an icon for Rome today! 

7. Italian culture has been shaped by many events such as Roman Empire Greek colonisation Etruscan settlements Norman Invasion Renaissance period Napoleonic rule mainly among others.. 

8. In 1871 Victor Emmanuel II became King Unifying All Of Northern And Southern Regions Together To Create The Nation We Know Now As “Italy” 

9. Italians consume 30kgs coffee per capita every year making it one nation that consumes highest amount of coffee globally 

10. Mt Etna Europe's tallest active volcano can be found Sicily- southern part of Italy

Top five places to visit in italy

1. Rome - The Eternal City, known for its ancient ruins and monuments such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon.

2. Venice - Known for its winding canals; gondola rides in the Grand Canal are a must! 

3. Florence – Home to some of Italy’s most iconic attractions including Michelangelo's Statue of David and Uffizi Gallery 

4. Pisa – Famous worldwide for its Leaning Tower (which is actually not leaning much anymore!) 

5. Cinque Terre – A perfect spot to relax on one of Italy’s best beaches or go hiking along stunning coastal paths

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