A long national mourning period has been announced in Turkey.

Flags across the country will be flown at half until the evening of February 12th. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared a seven-day national mourning in response to the devastating earthquake on the southeast of the country which has taken many lives of its citizens. The decree from the head of state was released by his press service.

"Until sunset on February 12th, the flag of Turkey will be flown across the country and at foreign representations" - wrote Erdoğan in his Telegram channel.

The earthquake of 7.7 magnitude, which occurred in Turkey overnight on February 6, according to Erdoğan's words, was the strongest since 1939.

As the head of Ministry of Health for the Republic of Fakhrettin Kojja reported, according to latest data, 1651 people died and 11 119 were injured due to an earthquake; 3471 buildings were destroyed.

The Minister noted that since the first earthquake, 147 subsequent underground tremors have been recorded in. Severe destruction is observed in ten Turkish provinces.

The Turkish authorities have called on the population not to return home due to fears of renewed shocks.

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