"At stake is a lot of money". Participants in Netflix"s "Squid Game" needed medical attention due to hypothermia.

"At stake is a lot of money". Participants in Netflix's "Squid Game" needed medical attention due to hypothermia.

Several participants of the Netflix reality show based on the famous series "Squid Game" required medical help. They got hyperthermia due to low temperature at the shooting site. Netflix denies the allegations.

The new reality show Squid Game: The Challenge started filming on Monday, 23 January in the United Kingdom. Then on the set of the game "Red Light, Green Light" temperatures dropped to -1°C during filming.

According to the game's rules, taken from the series, participants must remain silent and still while the large doll "looks" in their direction. Any movements can only be made when the doll turns away. It would seem that this is just a game and there is no need to risk one's health for it. Nevertheless, 456 show participants are motivated by a money prize of 4.56 million dollars.

"Even though the hype had begun, people were willing to stay as long as possible because big money was at stake," said one of the participants.

People from different countries around the world are participating in the show, many of whom have found the weather in Britain too cold. Also one participant injured his shoulder by bumping into a wall. However, Netflix denies claims of health damage.

"We are very much concerned about the health and safety of our cast and crew", the company said, noting that three people received treatment for mild illnesses.

"Although it was very cold on the set - and participants were prepared for this - any statements about serious injuries do not correspond to reality," Netflix added.

The original series "Squid Game" broke viewing records on the Netflix platform after 111 million viewers watched it in the first 28 days of 2021. The prize money could only be won by one participant who was able to pass the tests and stay alive.

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