Bananas: The World's Favorite Fruit. Iteresting facts.

Bananas have been cultivated and eaten by people for thousands of years. The earliest record of banana cultivation dates back to around 5,000 BCE in Southeast Asia. By 1,500 BCE they were grown throughout South and Central America as well as being a part of many traditional African diets. In the 15th century Portuguese traders brought bananas to Africa where they quickly became an important food source due to their ability to grow in warmer climates and relatively short growing cycle compared with other crops such as wheat or rice that require more land and time for growth. These same Portuguese traders then introduced them into the Caribbean islands which is why many Latin American countries refer to bananas today as "platanos" meaning flat ones - referring mainly to their shape after cooking! Bananas eventually made it across the Atlantic Ocean during colonial times when European explorers took some with them on ships heading towards North America initially introducing them into Haiti before spreading further around Central America from thereon outwards

1. Bananas contain three natural sugars: sucrose, fructose and glucose. 

2. The average banana contains 75% water and 25% solid matter, which makes it an ideal source of moisture for the human body during exercise or hot weather conditions. 

3. Bananas are high in potassium (over 400 mg per medium sized fruit), containing more than a third of your daily recommended value in just one cup! 

4. Bananas are also rich in fiber – about 1-2 grams per banana depending on ripeness - which aids digestion and helps you feel fuller longer between meals or snacks. 

5. Unripe bananas have a similar level of starch content to potatoes but as they ripen this converts into sugar making them sweeter over time when left at room temperature until spotty brown spots appear on their skin surface area indicating readiness for consumption; beyond that point most people find the texture too soft if further let to sit & fermenting begins internally producing gas within its pulp giving off a distinct odour inside/outside container holding said bunch/skins when not refrigerated after reaching full maturity period each individual stem having once been greenish yellowy colour outside covering inner organic jewels awaiting discovery by humans appreciating those fibrous sources providing convenience nutrition with no need 4 complicated cooking processes needed 2 consume these nutrient filled creations known commonly today thanks 2 exposure increasing popularity widely becoming accepted globally across all cultures sharing various names calling it based upon own native language customs creating terms describing beloved fruits now found even farther away from where originally originated centuries ago already mentioned thru referring acronym BANANA(S) standing 4 ‘Beneficial Antioxidants Naturally Accessible Nowadays Associated’ something relatively inexpensive compared other similarly beneficial foods consumed regularly included diet plans health conscious individuals seeking optimal performance levels throughout active lives aiming fulfill dreams whatever life throws way! 

6 .Banana peels can be used scrub surfaces around house like kitchen countertops & bathroom tub tile grouting areas helping eliminate dirt particles due abrasive quality these skins possess removing any extraneous residues preventing buildups occurring spreading germs unseen eye yet still clinging onto heat sensitive areas ordinary wet cleaning cloth missed leaving rooms appearing cleaner healthier looking better overall hygiene standards allowing households actually being able breathe clean air while living inside homes polished perfection ensuring families remaining safe healthy environment allows peace mind relax enjoy surroundings many different ways available using innovate methods reducing environmental pollution engaging eco friendly alternatives finding practical solutions everyday problems help keep planet sustainable future generations unaffected too much destruction going mostly unchecked governments constantly fighting dwindling resources made worse irresponsible choices happenings polluting nature destroying habitats killing helpless animals pushing species close extinction last few thousand years sadly misunderstood mistreated oceans rivers lakes streams alike leading cause global warming serious issues affecting billions inhabitants fast rapidly rising temperatures scalding Earth resulting melting polar ice caps raising sea levels permanently flooding low lying coastal cities displacing millions residents forcing flee seek higher ground elsewhere order survive calamities soon come pass … leaving mankind wondering what could have done prevent disasters happening again coming dangerously near edge survival long lasting impact affects everyone should take seriously saving best we can offer ourselves ultimate blessing part process selfless preservation understanding ecosystem's delicate balance striving maintain equilibrium peaceful coexistence apart our fellow creatures seeming insignificant some cases huge matters hearts minds connecting together unite effort common goal aiding welfare sentient beings eating farmed fresh fruits vegetables locally sustainably grown organically sourced whenever possible ditching unhealthy processed alternative options packaged commercial produced items raw unprocessed state natural wholesomeness bursting vibrant flavour nutritious goodness needing cooked prepared omitting nasty added chemicals additives preservatives etc sometimes found readymade convenient forms varying degrees decay hidden sight gross disgusting junk food choosing traditionally harvested cultivated rather artificial factories produced substitute lack integral vitamins minerals constituents bodies lose functioning optimally properly without regular intake required dosage key component positive lifestyle habits lead happier healthier outlook towards typical mundane routines doing thing sure effect physical mental emotional spiritual well being definitely worth investing space dedicated storing ripe delicious waiting fruition become anymore accessible resource hit hard sweet delightfully satisfying cravings anytime bunches barely touched… 

7 .In 2013 worldwide production exceeded 102 million metric tonnes making up 10 percent total agricultural output market value estimated $44 billion US dollars annually suggesting resilience commodity reputation good reason likely remain popular staple diets countless individuals indefinitely future continues evolve changing markets demographics beliefs developments played overall success crop currently stands amongst top five highly sought commodities traded significantly impacting international commerce scene diversified varied products including flour culinary treats baked goods snacks frozen desserts textured drinks juices smoothies yogurts breakfast cereals cereal bars bread crisps wines malt beers distilled spirits liqueurs jams jellies preserves sauces pickles conserves relishes dressings condiments canned puree candy confectionery spreadable creams nut butter herbal extracts essential oils powders extract syrups molasses concentrates pastes rubs marinades glazes ingredients toppings fillings oilseed products dough mixes batters cultured beverages ketchups mustard hummus salsa guacamole popcorns mix nuts trail grain muesli chia seed date paste chocolate syrup icing animal feeds pharmaceutical cosmetics flower wax leaf gums latex rubber fertilizer decorative shrubs trees hedges ornamental plants foliage vines climbers creepers bushes furniture timber forestry biomass energy fuel hay straw grass barley rye oats buckwheat linseed sorghum triticale millet hemp soybeans peas beans lentils clovers lotus root paddy rice popcorn Maize cassava tapioca potato turnip beetroot carrot onion garlic tomato cauliflower broccoli spinach mushrooms end list goes variety option

Eating a banana every day can be good for you and provide important nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, fiber and other essential vitamins and minerals. Regularly consuming bananas may help promote healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, support heart health, boost energy levels and aid weight loss.

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