Biohacking : Is It Fake or Real?

Nowadays, there is a new way to gain health that is taking a massive attention by people around the world called biohacking. If it is not a familiar terms for you, biohacking is a combination words of the words Biology and Hacking, which means to hack the biological part of human body in order to improve the health level using microchip technology. This is intended to hack the system in our body to work better than we previously did.

From the types of biohacking itself, it is divided into two groups of biohackers, rogues and mages. The rogues come from the intelligent people with the skills set in biology and computer. This group of people are not about boring safety concerns as they are tired of government regulation which is too tight for them to take. They usually have their own labs in order to test it. Another type is the mages. Based on people’s perspective, they are the more boring version than the rogues. They are incredibly talented people with the computer, but unlike the rogues, they are not gifted with the intelligence of biology. However, they are the ones that believed everyone can master human health by learning it online, so they just need hours to learn about biology and human health and they can already improve your health using their knowledge by providing advices for the supplements and alternative medicines.

One of the most well-known biohacker, Bryan Johnson, published Blueprint which is known as a system to maintain health and wellness. On his website, he mentioned that our enemy is our physical aging. The intention of his system is quite simple, to slow down the pace of aging by measuring the organs of your body, such as heart, lungs, kidneys and the rest of the body organs to speak for themselves and understand to reach their optimum level of health. This is by blocking your mind to choose what you want at the moment such as if there is a time when you suddenly really want to order pizza or eat something sweet, or anything that your mind wants at that time. This is what he called as autonomous self, letting his own body to choose which food it needs in order to keep the organs function well and optimized.

However, despite all the information you can find on the internet, there is a big question hanging around this topic, whether biohacking is real or fake. It is a moral decision to take whether you need to follow the biohacking method from experts or you should be realistic to face the fact that we are all getting old and our body will start getting weaker and not functioning properly as when it was still in the optimum age. The types of biohacking that uses the concept of pressing your habit of doing bad things like eating junk foods or sugar is considered safe. This is the preferable choice to do in order to improve your health. The other type of biohacking which include implantation or medical procedure is not a wise choice as it might cause a fatal risk if it is not handled by qualified professional. So is it real or not? Yes it is, but is it worth it or not? It is all your choice.

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