Cocaine psychosis symptoms

People going mad, losing their sanity, ending up in the psychiatric ward or the mental hospital – these are very common news to people who are drug users. Drugs have the tendency to make someone mentally ill and make them very violent. Cocaine is one of those drugs that can generate such side effects. The craziest and most morbid stories about inhuman violence and cannibalism had been attributed to cocaine use and abuse. Experts have then called such psychological disturbance as cocaine psychosis.

What are the different cocaine psychosis symptoms?

Cocaine psychosis symptoms can involve physical manifestations such as seizures and nausea. But it can also manifest psychologically by producing hallucinations and delusions. It has been reported that such cases are more common to crack cocaine (through smoking) more than other forms of ingesting such as intravenous and intranasal.

Cocaine psychosis symptoms can manifest in many ways which can actually be hard to distinguish from a mentally-ill person that is not brought about by cocaine. Both can oftentimes share the same psychological symptoms in which they both experience hallucinations and delusions. Such experience oftentimes brings the person to erratic and violent behavior – cannibalism in extreme cases. The user drifts apart from reality and can cause him to lose all his senses. Usual intake of cocaine alters the user's perception of what is reality thus the change in behavior.

Violence and crime

Violence is again, one of the extreme cocaine psychosis symptoms. In a study conducted, it has been found out that more than half of the population of cocaine users results in violent behaviors. Because cocaine has the effect of impairing the neurotransmitters of the brain, it can increase pleasure chemicals in other parts. Such an imbalance of chemicals in the body can lead to the feeling of euphoria and hyperactivity as well as provoke aggressive behavior, the blighted judgment of his surroundings, and schizophrenia.

Homicide is yet another one of the cocaine psychosis symptoms that has been observed in many patients. Most cases of homicide, whose suspects were caught, were mostly tested positive for cocaine use.

Studies have shown that cocaine results in the user becoming more aggressive, impatient, irritable, and anxious most of the time. Because cocaine inhibits the user's grip of what reality is, he then succumbs to the feeling of aggressiveness resulting in violent behaviors.

Suicidal tendencies and other signs of psychosis

One of the many violent behaviors that are considered as cocaine psychosis symptoms is suicide. Cocaine also has the tendency to make one feel depressed, contrary to the common notion that ecstasy is the only feeling cocaine can generate. It is a form of self-destructing brutal behavior that a user who has cocaine psychosis might do.

Cocaine psychosis symptoms are very similar to a person suffering from mental illnesses. Truth be told, cocaine psychosis is a mental illness that triggers the violent ways of a person due to cocaine abuse. If you know someone has erratic mood swings that oftentimes have the tendency to become vicious or violent, seek help immediately. It could be he is under the influence of cocaine or is starting to develop psychosis already.

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