Curious and Unusual Facts About the Universe

Curious and Unusual Facts About the Universe

The universe is a vast, mysterious expanse stretching beyond the limits of our human understanding. It's filled with phenomena and realities that defy our daily experiences and test the boundaries of what we consider possible. Here are some curious and unusual facts about the universe that intrigue scientists and laymen worldwide.

The Universe is (Probably) Flat

Despite our savannah-evolved intuition prompting us to believe that the universe must be spherical, the reality is different. According to data from the Planck satellite mission, our universe is flat with a 0.4% margin of error. This implies that if you were to travel in a straight line across the universe, you would never return to your starting point, contrary to what would happen in a spherical universe.

Astronauts’ Height Changes in Space

Without the pressure of Earth's gravity, astronauts can grow by up to 2 inches while spending extended periods in space. The spine lengthens as the vertebrae spread apart. However, this increase is not permanent and returns to normal a few months after their return to Earth.

There's a Gigantic Water Vapor Cloud in Space

The universe holds unexpected substances in unexpected places. One such is a gigantic water reservoir, floating in space, surrounding a supermassive black hole located 12 billion light-years away. It holds approximately 140 trillion times the amount of water on Earth, making our oceans seem more like droplets.

Galaxies Can Die

Like living beings, galaxies, too, have a lifespan, though measured in inimaginable time scales. When a galaxy 'dies', it essentially means that it has exhausted the gas necessary to form new stars. The galaxy then transforms into what is known as a 'red and dead' galaxy, its remaining stars dimming until they eventually go out.

The Universe is Full of Alcohol

A surprising but true fact is that there are vast reserves of alcohol in space. One of them, located near the constellation of Aquila, contains enough ethyl alcohol to fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer. But don't get any ideas, this alcohol is far from being consumable!

The universe is an enigma yet to be entirely decoded, and these strange facts barely scratch the surface. With the continued efforts of astronomers and astrophysicists, who knows what other astounding facts we'll uncover about our universe?