DIY Augmented Reality Experiences for Your Smartphone

DIY Augmented Reality Experiences for Your Smartphone

Utilizing the power of augmented reality (AR) for creating immersive experiences is no longer a realm exclusive to tech giants or game developers. With a basic understanding and the right tools, anyone can create their own augmented reality experiences right from their smartphones. This easy, exciting, and cost-effective approach has opened a new dimension of interactivity for tech enthusiasts, marketers, educators, and even artists.

Understanding Augmented Reality (AR)

First, let's understand what augmented reality is. Simply put, AR is a technology that overlays digital data on the real world, thereby creating a composite view. This digital data can be images, sounds, videos, graphics, or GPS data. The Pokemon Go craze is a perfect example of how an AR app can change perceptions of reality by integrating game elements with real-world locations.

The Basics of DIY AR

To create a basic augmented reality experience, you would need just three things — a smartphone, an AR app, and a marker. The AR app uses your smartphone’s camera to identify the marker, which could be a printed image or even a real-world object. Once the marker is recognized, the app overlays the digital content onto it, thereby creating a unique AR experience.

Essential Tools and Apps for DIY AR

There are several mobile apps and online platforms that allow you to create and share your own AR experiences without the need for complex programming. Here are a few.


Augment offers a suite of tools that allows you to create, manage, and deploy AR experiences. Its easy-to-use interface helps you design immersive experiences that integrate seamlessly with real-world environments. The best part? It’s suitable for both Android and iOS devices.

ARKit and ARCore:

For the more technologically inclined, both iOS and Android offer sophisticated tools — ARKit and ARCore respectively. These are the proprietary AR development platforms of Apple and Google. They are packed with advanced features like environmental understanding, user interaction, and light estimation that allow for the creation of highly sophisticated AR experiences.

HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma):

HP Reveal has made the creation of AR experiences possible even for non-techies. This platform allows you to upload images or “auras” that become interactive when viewed through the HP Reveal app.

Endless Possibilities with DIY AR

DIY augmented reality can be used in diverse scenarios. For instance, a teacher could use it to make lessons more engaging, an artist could bring their artwork to life, or a marketer could use it for promoting a new product. The possibilities are truly endless with DIY augmented reality, and all of it can be realized using your very own smartphone.

There's never been a better time to dive into the world of AR. So why wait? Start creating your own augmented reality experiences today.

Facilitating the Future with DIY AR on Your Smartphone

Technology is evolving every day and the possibilities of what you can achieve with it are expanding alongside. DIY augmented reality experiences for smartphones is just one exciting aspect of this journey. It is an approachable and accessible step towards the future of technology, facilitating interactivity and immersion like never before.