Does Gaming Make People Aggressive? – The Truth Behind Games

Gaming has been a part of life for society, especially for teenagers and people in their early 20s. The gaming industry has been developing and it is going more and more popular among the male and female teenagers. Despite the kind of games played by male and female players are relatively different in genre, there is a belief that gaming may cause people getting aggressive. Is it true? Well let’s talk about it here, shall we?

Games, especially the ones associated with aggressive combats and violent actions involved, have been blamed by society as one of the reasons that make people aggressive. In order to prove it, researchers conducted experiments in places. During the year of 2007, there was a study about kids behavior that showed a couple of them became more aggressive and some became less aggressive. However, the majority of the kids who were taken as the study sample, did not show any changes on their temperament or their level of anger. In 2011, another study was conducted to see the genre of video games that kids prefer to play. Surprisingly, aggressive kids tend to choose violent games compared with the other genre of the games. Although it seems the violent games are preferable for aggressive kids, the researchers had no evidence that showed if gaming caused them to aggressive behavior.

While the researchers could not find the valid answer to back this statement, there were some cases that kids became very violent with their behavior. One of them is broadcasted in Youtube by Dr. Phil. There is a young gamer who is so addicted to his gaming device and became so aggressive to his parents. He rejected to go to school and decided to play games 17 hours a day. He stated that his dream was to become a professional gamer and compete in a competition as his profession. Nico, the gamer boy, believed that he can be a youtuber one day and did not need education for it. His parents had done anything to make him move from the couch and leave his console, but he took it aggressively by saying the bad words to them and did something harm to himself such as hitting himself on the forehead with the controller. His mom could not even make him take a shower without receiving the bad words from his mouth. The game addiction looks like made him very fragile with his temperament, causing him to burst out with all the cursing words from his mouth without any filter.

In conclusion, there is no valid evidence that games causes aggressive behavior to people, especially kids. However, there were some cases of kids getting addicted to games and this caused them to behave aggressively and violent. So to make everything in the fair level, always keep yourself in a fixed schedule to limit yourself from taking too much time with your gaming console. Taking too much time with your console may not only wasting your time for something useless, but it can also cause you something harmful, especially if you get addicted to it.

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