Everything You Need to Know About War In Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia are still fighting in the war to claim their territory of Ukraine. This war causes global issue which one of them is the sanction of the countries who are supporting Russia in any kind of trade. As we know, Russia president, Vladimir Putin, has commanded his military armies to invade Ukrainian area. They are very aggressively command all their military support from air, ocean, and ground in order to win the territory. Here, you will find the facts that you might not know before. Let’s start all the facts below, shall we?

Drives Global Food Crisis

It is known that both Russia and Ukraine are the major provider of wheat to European countries like Azerbaijan,     Armenia, Georgia, Eritrea, Mongolia and Somalia. Both countries supply at least 90% of the wheat to those countries. Russia is also one of the world’s biggest crude oil producers. With the war happened to both countries, Russia are in the sanction to United Nations and countries who take part with any trade with Russia will also be affected to the sanction. The shortage of the food supply causes the increase of the price by fifty percent since the start of 2022.

Russia Violates Fundamental Norms and Principles of International Law

Russia has frequently and regularly violated the fundamental norms and principles of international law by violating Helsinki Final Act, Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States in accordance with the UN Charter, Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States, UN GA Resolution 3314 “Definition of Aggression”, and many other rules they did not obey.

Thousands of Souls Killed

As the war is still going until now, it is believed that there is total of 6,952 innocent lives were murdered during the Russia invasion toward Ukraine. This cruelty caused by the number of the military personnel that Russia outnumbered Ukraine. The total of Russian military personnel is 850,000 compared to Ukraine with total just 200,000. With the number of the victims increasing every day, around 335 foreign companies pack their suitcase and leave the country completely. This is resulting the GDP forecast in Ukraine significantly decreasing by 35%, causing massive unemployment to the citizens and forced them to migrate to another neighboring countries. It is recorded in January 3rd 2023, more than 7.9 million refugees left Ukraine across the Europe according to UNHCR.

War between Russia and Ukraine causes more damage than profits. Of course, there are some parties who are gaining profits from this war, but this is a massive crime for the human rights and government around the world should take action to stop this unfortunate occurrence. Thousands of innocent lives are taken every day and this needs to be stopped. There are many more of stunning facts that you can find about the war between Russia and Ukraine, but we all need to be united to stop the war and spread the peace in the world.

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