Facts and places in Spain.

today constitutes Spain and Portugal, was originally inhabited by different cultures such as the Celts, Visigoths and Romans. In 711 AD, Islamic rule took over most of the peninsula until 1492 when it was re-conquered by Christian forces under Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. During this period known as Reconquista (Reconquest), Christianity rapidly spread throughout Spanish lands while Islam remained concentrated in areas now belonging to modern day Portugal such as Granada or Andalusia. After its victory in war against other European powers like France’s Louis XIV during his reign from 1643–1715, Spain consolidated power within Europe for more than two hundred years up until 1808 when Napoleon's invasion caused a huge setback in both political and economic terms that accelerated its decline into 19th century with subsequent wars for independence with Germany & Italy. In 1930 General Francisco Franco rose to dictatorial power that lasted 36 years before transitioning into a constitutional monarchy after death .Since then democracy has been established albeit marked by turbulence lately due Catalan separatists .Today despite being economically diminished compared pre Golden Age days Spain is making headways towards becoming one european leading nations in tourism industry thanks booming hotel sector along developments renewable energy sources

Interesting facts about Spaniards

1. Spain is the fifth-largest country in Europe by area, with a population of approximately 46 million people and one of the largest economies in Europe. 

2. Spanish is the official language of Spain, but there are also several other languages spoken throughout its regions such as Basque, Catalan and Galician depending on where you live in Spain. 

3. Spaniards have significantly longer life expectancy than other Europeans due to their balanced lifestyle - including regular exercise (usually walking or running), healthy eating habits (seafood being particularly popular) and ample rest from siesta hours between 2pm-5pm every day! 

4. From flamenco dancing to bullfighting to passionate football cheering at Camp Nou – it's safe to say that Spaniards know how to enjoy life! They love gathering for family meals together often drawing out conversations into late nights over wine & tapas and maybe even some Flamenco guitar playing if they're lucky! 

5 .Spaniards make up one quarter of all immigrants living abroad thanks largely due historically difficult economic conditions within their home country since 1975 leading them seek better opportunities elsewhere while still retaining strong ties with friends & family back home via frequent traveling trips!

What to visit in Spain ?

1. Seville – Located in the south of Spain, this historic city offers a unique mix of Spanish and Arab cultures thanks to its long history under Moorish rule. From the magnificent architecture of La Giralda Cathedral to world-class flamenco shows, you can experience an unforgettable visit here that will leave you captivated by Andalusian culture and beauty. 

2. Madrid – The capital city is home to some spectacular art collections such as Prado Museum along with plenty other attractions including Plaza Mayor Square, Retiro Park and Royal Palace among others - it's one cultural gem after another! Enjoy tapas while admiring majestic buildings or take a stroll through Gran Vía street for all sorts topical shopping experiences; your trip here won't disappoint! 

3. Barcelona – Endowed with Mediterranean charm like no other place in Europe, this beautiful Catalan hub should be top of everyone’s list when travelling to Spain due sheer amount activities available for visitors both young ad old alike: from visiting masterpieces created Gaudi (like Sagrada Familia), strolling down Las Ramblas promenade or getting lost maze streets El Born district there’s always something explore next corner . 

4 Valencia– This is one destination every traveller must visit during their time Spain as offers best Paella culinary treats nation combination cultural venues makes worth exploring around. Whether looking go nightlife scene check out Ciutat de les Arts i Ciencies futuristic complex catch incredible falles festival celebrated honour Virgin Mary March annually , does never run things do City Flowers 

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