Global Warming: Action Plans from Country to Country

Global warming is becoming a big issue lately to any country all over the world. The heat wave experienced in United Kingdom on April to June 2022 is one of the examples. The temperature significantly increased into more than 40 degree Celcius. This impacted to people’s lives in many aspects. Schools were closed, trains movement ran less frequently and hospitals were forced to cancelled appointments due to extreme conditions of the weather. With all the bad impacts from this global issue, many countries set their plans to overcome this issue and reach the goal temperature for their areas.


Indonesia is one of many countries which lie in the equator line. This is resulting on the high temperature in the majority of the cities. Jakarta, Palembang, and Surabaya are the biggest cities in the country and also the highest contributors in the climate change due to the significantly higher number of motored vehicles on the road, the industrial areas and skyscrapers compared to any other cities. Indonesian government decided to set an immediate plan to reduce the climate change by the emission reduction. By doing this, they are hoping to improve the awareness of the citizens regarding this issue. The odd-even limitation for cars is applied as well which seems to start showing promise as the less number of cars on the road.


China is the highest populated country in the world and also the one that contributes the highest carbon dioxide in the period of 2006. Nowadays, they are also responsible with a quarter of total number of green houses in the world. In order to decrease the global warming, the president, Xi Jinping, plans to gradually take actions toward this issue. The plan involves the reduction of coal usage as the main source of energy in the country. Although he then received critiques from parties, he expressed that China will reduce the usage of coals starting in 2026. Researchers believe that China must stop completely to use coals as their main source of energy and replace it with nuclear or other sources for reusable energy.


The president of the United States of America, Joe Bidden, shows his commitment to fight for climate changing issue around the globe since day one he took over the presidential chair. He stated that the plans involve reducing the gas emission of the U.S. for 50-52% below 2005 before 2030. He also commits to reach 100% of pollution-free electricity before 2035. With all his commitments to fight for this issue, it is interesting to see the changes in the country in terms of temperature.

Those are action plans from three countries that produce high amount of pollution and gas emission resulting the increase of temperature around the globe. The issue is getting more serious by the time and people can feel the drastic climate change happens in many countries. With all those plans, high hopes from all the citizen around the world are raising to make the earth we live in back like the good old days again.

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