Hunter Biden: The struggles and scandals

Of the president's son Joe Biden has spent much of his political career trying to protect and defend his family, in particular, his son Hunter. Throughout the years though there have been various allegations and scandals surrounding Hunter Biden — some true, some false — that have cast a shadow over Joe Biden’s name. While it’s difficult for many to separate out what is fact or fiction when it comes to these controversies involving Hunter Biden, here are five facts about him worth knowing: 

1) Business Ventures: In 2013, while serving as Vice President under Barack Obama, Hunter accepted an investment role at Burisma Holdings—one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas producers. Shortly afterwards he became the subject of several investigations into possible conflicts-of-interest between himself and Burisma; with one investigation ultimately leading to Donald Trump being impeached by Congress in 2019. Many allege this business venture was nepotism because of its close proximity ties with Joe who had previously supported giving money towards Ukrainian interests (though no direct evidence exists). In 2017 he also joined Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC–a private equity firm founded by three longtime associates from Georgetown University which began working on investments outside US borders almost immediately upon formation – raising further concerns among critics due to potential entanglements despite playing little public role within company activities themselves since then. 

2) Substance Abuse Struggles & Rehabilitation attempts - It was reported that during college throughout young adulthood up until recently (2020),Hunter struggled through substance abuse issues using alcohol/cocaine amongst other drugs sporadically before entering rehab multiple times after finding support from friends/family members both before & subsequently following father becoming 46th POTUS . During 2020 election campaign season sparked reports alleging cocaine use at social events whilst employed abroad but were never proven fully nor debunked completely publicly either making them remain circulating nonetheless.. His most recent attempt saw him spend time away from home location undergoing treatment regiment including counseling sessions thought facilitated healing process according sources familiar situation at time frame respective period

3) Disputed Financial Records - A report released by Senate Republicans near end 2021 alleged financial records depicting large sums originating Russia&China however their findings widely disputed even rebuttals presented forth not swaying original conclusion drawn based established standard protocols legally available review processes involved hence prompting calls greater transparency seek truth bottom matter concerned parties across board establish consensus going forward determine definitively source said funds came same spotlight shone make sure personal safety security priorities all times without fail otherwise losing trust population currently stands relation topic chosen specific terminology used person charge office standing behind decisions taken order solidify relationship citizens United States Democracy directly tied elected officials performance successful measures will be needed ensure regular basis current trend continues moving negative direction instead serves purpose intended mean while                      

4) Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA): The New York Times exposed documents detailing NDA signed previous year providing payments consulting services hold absolute secrecy agreement breaking result incurring massive fines could total $50 million dollars forcing cease communication anything related contract holder although party itself refused comment immediate response given controversy erupted surface delayed responding statement denying any wrongdoing asked counter accusations point view countering narrative put initially eventually took legal action sue publisher original story published refusing retract claims perpetuated thereby outcome deal concluded early months present included return back papers received signature drafted document officially closing chapter unfortunate saga believed wholeheartedly ended clean slate removed doubts clouded past happenings leaving room progress future overcome uncertain legacy left innately still affects public opinion today     

5 ) Family Feud Haunting Past : Much speculation surrounds rumored rift existing between siblings especially considering strained history Huntington branch stemming numerous years old embarrassing episode involving divorce parents sister Valerie discussed brought attention lot individuals curious hear sides tale Unfortunately limited reliable information readily access so dispute remains largely unresolved issue quickly swept aside November 21st announcement healed things light manner thus far lasted least briefly overall likely fade memory passing ensuring delicate balance carefully maintained circumstances develop familial dynamics tumultuous state become again depending how goes affect notions held higher positions power figurehead head household greatly question mark entails brother Frank having questions concerning advantages garnered why certain better off others mistakenly assuming got easy ride reality whether fair assumption hard tell honest answer won receive anytime soon…

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