Is professional wrestling as popular today as it was in 90’s?

Wrestling probably got its start in the Stone Age as a way of settling disputes between two individuals. As human civilization progressed, wrestling began to be seen more and more in different cultures all around the world. From Sumerian stone tablets depicting wrestling matches to ancient Greek manuscripts describing competitive grappling styles, it’s clear that humans have been enjoying this sport for thousands of years! In Ancient Greece, wrestling was an integral part of their Olympic Games. The Greeks had many rules and regulations specific to how matches were fought; these same traditions can still be found today in modern professional or amateur wresting competitions like Greco-Roman style contests or even mixed martial arts cage fights! The Romans also loved their own form of “pankration” which combined both boxing and wrestling into one discipline while allowing striking techniques such as blows with hands or feet too – something that is not allowed today during most forms of competition except Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Even though pankration eventually faded away after Rome's fall from power about 600 A.D., it influenced other European countries when they learned about what truly defined strength: technical ability rather than pure strength alone. Wrestling then spread throughout continental Europe via royal courts who hosted tournaments featuring competitors from across the continent competing against each other using various localized grapples styles including French-style catch-as-catch can technique . At least three distinct types developed through Medieval times: English Folk Style popularized by British Isles peasants for entertainment at fairs; Scottish Collar & Elbow Wrestlers incorporating chokes holds since knights would often wear armour making strikes unviable but submission manoeuvres possible; along with Breton/Cornish Lutte Libre taking root amongst sailors due largely thanks being brought back over sea after voyages abroad where they could see foreign wrestlers adorn traditional dress reflecting country's culture & rivalries whilst armed only short sticks - sometimes held shorter opponents' heads during bout forcing them move positions on ground earning point victory round completed no wonder why people consider effective use bridges strategic planning tactics synonymous successful mat battles so much overlap among these classic grappling systems now called "Catch" family combat sports elsewhere around globe India having adaptation called Kusti requiring participants spin sacred thread before entering circle signify special ritualistic importance fight takes within larger cultural context indeed similar type contest known Japan well Kokigake embodying honor associated Japanese samurai warriors Honeysuckle Rose Mitsuharu Misawa Kodokan Judo disciple Akira Maeda credited with inventing shootism considered founder MMA movement since combines multiple disciplines create hybrid system putting contestants greater risk than regular flat full contact Professional under National Federation becoming dominant last few decades deriving unique set values code conduct stressing respect fairness integrity mutual cooperation example exhibiting true sportsmanship expected behaviour everybody participating although wars have changed shape still lives glorious tradition clearly demonstrated time again worldwide popularity phenomenon continue skyrocket foreseeable future inspiring generations come always entertaining challenging anyone involved whether purpose pleasure participation or just honing skills preparation next match!

Most popular wrestlers

1. John Cena 

2. The Rock 

3. Hulk Hogan 

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin 

5. Triple H 

6. Randy Orton 

7. Kane 

8. Undertaker 

9. Rey Mysterio 

10. Shawn Michaels

Professional wrestling is as popular now as its ever been. Since the rise of sports entertainment in the mid-1990s, professional wrestling has become a global phenomenon and one of the most watched forms of television programming around the world. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter's annual review for 2019, WWE’s WrestleMania 35 was said to have set an all time high viewership rating with over 18 million viewers worldwide tuning in to watch it live.

Where to watch ?

1. WWE Network: The official streaming service of the WWE is called the WWE Network and gives you access to all live pay-per-views, original shows, video libraries and exclusive content from past events. You can watch it on your computer via their website or download its app for select devices including Xbox One and 360 consoles, Apple TV (4th generation), Amazon Fire TV Stick & Cube, Chromecast as well as Android smartphones through a Roku device. Subscription fees start at $9.99/month with no contract required! 

2. Hulu Live: If you're looking for even more options when watching wrestling online then look into getting Hulu Live which also offers some major sports coverage in addition to cable channels like ESPN and USA Networks so that you can catch up on live events plus have tons of other exciting entertainment lineup available too! This package starts at just $54/mo with 7 days free trial included - perfect solution if you don't want commitment but still need quality viewing experience. 

3. YouTubeTV – For only forty dollars per month this platform provides access thirty four popular networks such as Cartoon Network , Nickelodeon ,CNN etc., where viewers could get there favorite programs without having any kind subscription plans are contracts involved along with unlimited cloud storage space associated certain recordings made during specified amount time window frame by user's request ! It's easy use interface makes finding specific titles very simple while also showcasing new arrivals every week under special category entitled "What’s New."

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