Joe Biden delivered an annual message to Congress.

On the evening of February 7, US President Joe Biden addressed the US Congress with his annual State of the Union message.

During the 73-minute speech, Biden mentioned the accomplishments of his administration, such as creating a "record 12 million jobs" in the US amidst the coronavirus pandemic over two years of his presidency. He stated that "the COVID is no longer controlling our lives," and also noted that “the United States is the only country coming out of crises stronger than it was when they began.”

In part of his speech, Biden dedicated himself to the two-party system in the United States. He highlighted that during his two years as president, he had signed over 300 documents developed by both Republicans and Democrats. Such measures included a law recognizing same-sex marriage at a federal level in the US and military aid to Ukraine. Joe Biden noted that Democrats and Republicans can work together and promised support for Republican Party projects.

During Biden's speech, as the media noted, Republicans interrupted him several times. Biden's address to the Congress became the first since November 2022 when in midterm elections Republican Party gained a majority in House of Representatives.

Joe Biden also said he is ready for both competition and cooperation with China. "Make no mistake: as we have made clear last week, if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to defend our country. And that is what we have done," the US President said last week on February 4th when US military shot down a Chinese spy plane, according to Pentagon sources which was collecting intelligence data while Beijing claimed the aircraft was gathering meteorological information.

"A monstrous attack, evoking memories of death and destruction in Europe during the Second World War. Putin's invasion has become a test for centuries. A test for America. A test for the world," declared Biden.

One year after the Russian invasion, the US President noted that American authorities had stood against "Putin's aggression" and supported Ukraine. During his speech, Biden addressed Oksana Markarova - Ukraine's ambassador to the US who was present in the hall. Those gathered welcomed her with applause.

"We have united NATO and created a global coalition. We have taken a stand against Putin's aggression. We have stood with the people of Ukraine. And today we are joined again by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States. She represents not just her country, but also the courage of her people. Ambassador, America stands firmly in support of your nation. We will be with you as long as it takes," said Joe Biden.

During his speech, Biden did not mention Russia at all while he talked about "Putin's war", "Putin's invasion" and "Putin's aggression". In the entire speech, Biden mentioned Russian president's surname four times. In last year’s speech Biden mentioned Putin thirty times.

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