"People are ready to pay more". Apple is planning to release a model that will be more expensive than the iPhone Pro Max.

Apple is studying the possibility of launching a new iPhone model, which will be more expensive than the iPhone Pro and Pro Max. The high-end device could appear as early as 2024. This was stated by Apple product expert and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

The release of the Ultra model may significantly increase prices, however it is unclear what exactly users will be paying more for. The new model likely offers a better camera and microchips, as well as possibly even a bigger display. There may also be more prospective features, such as abandoning the charging port in favor of wireless charging.

In Tim Cook's opinion, such a move would not only increase the company's average selling price but also satisfy customers who are willing to pay more for the best smartphone.

"I think people are willing to put in maximum effort to get the best they can afford in this category," said Cook.

He added that iPhone has become an integral part of people's lives. Users now use the device to make payments, control their smart home technology, manage their health and store banking data.

We reminded that the number of active Apple devices has exceeded two billion, yet it is still less than Android. We also wrote that Apple's CEO asked to cut his salary by $35 million. Not only Apple plans to introduce a new smartphone, but Coca-Cola too.

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