Problems in Modern Society: Global Issues We Are Currently Facing

Living in modern society has been challenging as the time passes. The world we live in is no longer peaceful and safe as before when technology was still in the early development. Although it is not the technology to blame for, but the era has been changing into more modern with technologies take control of our society. The fact that we witness how advance the technology now, we are still having major issues around the world that make people suffer. What are they? Let’s discuss it here.


When you look at the statistic, there is a lot of countries whose people’s income per capita is considered below the standard of living. The countries like Burundi, Somalia, Mozambique and Madagascar are considered the top ones in the list of poorest countries in the world based on the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita in 2020. This issue has been around forever and all influential countries should make an action in order to save humanity over nationality.

Climate Change

The extreme climate change case that the world noticed was in 2022 in the UK when temperature hit over 40 degrees Celsius. This issue caused major failure on the public services as the hospital’s appointments were cancelled, trains run less times during the day and many other things. Mitigation is urgently required to solve this issue as it may cause more problems in every aspect of human’s life.


The world was shook by the news of Covid-19 spreading all over the world in 2019 until now as the virus is not effectively vanished from their existence. This crisis leaves us to some important learnings such as the importance of working together with the rest of the society to reduce the impact of the virus into the minimum amount by taking the vaccination. Researchers have conducted experiments and there are some vaccines provided by government in order to improve the immunity of the people from this virus. Working together does not only protect yourself, but also people you care about and the rest of people around.

LGBT Rights

Times passes by and people like to claim what they want to be, including the issue of LGBT rights that is booming lately. People are no longer shy to show they are different from the others and it creates a massive struggle as from the view of the religious field, no religion or religious group are supporting this misconception of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation or the other sexual issues.

We all live in the world that is getting crazier by the time. Those above issues are the problems that happened lately in the modern society. We must address all those major problems by working together with other people so our earth will not be a harmful place to live in. There are more problems in the world that you could ever imagine such as corruption, gender equality, cybersecurity and many more. If we work together, there will be a chance to keep our earth to be peaceful and lovely again as the time when everything was still better.

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