Quirky Facts About the History of Unsolved Mysteries

What is it about cold cases and mysteries that are so fascinating? Maybe it's the thrill of the chase, or the pleasure of puzzling it out. Either way, we could say that 'Unsolved Mysteries' is one of the best sources for such hair-raising and brain-tingling wonders. The show continues to entertain and captivate viewers since it first aired in 1987, covering a wide range of baffling mysteries from disappearances to paranormal phenomena. Amidst the suspense and eerie music, here are some quirky facts about the history of 'Unsolved Mysteries' that even dedicated viewers might not know.

The Concept Was Born from a Series of Specials

The idea for 'Unsolved Mysteries' originated from a series of seven specials called 'Missing... Have You Seen This Person?'. These specials, hosted by David Birney and his then-wife Meredith Baxter, were the brainchild of creators John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer. The specials became so beloved they resulted in the birth of 'Unsolved Mysteries.'

The Unsolved Mysteries Theme Song Was a Top-30 Hit

Who can forget the chilling theme music that would set the tone for each episode? The theme song was composed by Michael Boyd and Gary Remal Malkin. In a strange twist of events, it actually ended up being a Top 30 hit in America.

Robert Stack Wasn’t The Original Host

While Robert Stack is the face we often associate with 'Unsolved Mysteries', he wasn't the original host. Initially, Raymond Burr of Perry Mason fame hosted the pilot episode. The second pilot was hosted by Karl Malden before Robert Stack finally took over the coveted spot from the show's third episode onwards.

The Show Helped Solve More Than 260 Cases

Perhaps one of the most astounding facts about 'Unsolved Mysteries' is its success rate. Over the span of its run, the show has helped solve more than 260 cases. This includes missing person cases, murders, and even lost loves.

There Was a 'Lost' Episode

In an unusual event in television history, there was one episode of 'Unsolved Mysteries' that got shelved. The story revolved around a fugitive con-artist named Gabe. Gabe's victim claimed to have shot him after he broke into her home. The episode was filmed, but was not aired due to legal implications.

The Show Became a Global Phenomenon

'Unsolved Mysteries' reached beyond American borders and became quite a global phenomenon. The show was dubbed in several languages including German, French, and Italian and aired in over 35 countries globally!

No matter how many mysteries get solved or how many advancements we make in forensic science, 'Unsolved Mysteries' will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Its history is filled with fascinating tidbits, and perhaps in itself, is a small mystery all of us love to unravel.