Seven celebrities who began their careers in adult films

Cameron Diaz. 

The star of "Charlie's Angels" tried to hide all the unpleasant moments from her biography, but the network remembers everything. A few years ago, the public found out that at 19, the blonde starred in a very revealing lingerie advertisement, but her experiments didn’t stop there. It turns out Cameron managed to shoot an erotic movie. She did not comment on this episode, and fans of their favorite experience were not disappointed at all.

Helen Mirren. 

Yes, this dazzling actress had experience filming in the 18+ category film: at the end of the seventies she starred in an erotic film "Caligula". The picture turned out to be truly scandalous, but for Helen it was a great start. She was noticed by producers and began to get offered roles.

Oscar-winning Robert was not planning to take part in explicit scenes, but the creator of "Twentieth Century" persuaded De Niro to completely undress. Incidentally, it is unknown for sure, but Hollywood rumors say that the actors liked each other so much that they simply had sex on set and the director filmed a natural passionate scene.

Jackie Chan. 

Now Jackie is fighting for moral values, but in his youth he desperately needed money, so he agreed to explicit shooting in the 70s. This was an actor's first experience in movies, which Jackie never hid. But he admitted that he was not proud of what had happened.

Matt LeBlanc always stood out for his striking looks, so even before he began his career, he drew the attention of producers in the adult film industry. Matt has been featured in several episodes of an erotic series and it was after this that directors began inviting him to auditions.

David Duchovny. 

In the same series as Matt LeBlanc starred David Duchovny. Before conquering the hearts of thousands of fans of the series "The X-Files" actor could not find a suitable project and was surviving on casual earnings. Producers offered Duchovny to use not his talent, but his attractive appearance by appearing in an erotic series. David spoke about this experience quite calmly, believing that he had done nothing shameful.

Eva Green. 

Elegant and graceful, Eva did not become a star of the first magnitude right away; her path began with the erotic film "Dreamers". The girl was noticed, and the tape incidentally became cult. Therefore, Eva never felt embarrassed about it or about her bare body. That is why she easily agreed to appear for male glossies.

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