Teenagers today are rude, lazy and badly behaved.

A people aged between thirteen and eighteen years old have a twofold reputation in the modern world. It is considered that adolescents are boorish, indolent and badly behaved. But others reckon that it is an unfounded slander. In my essay I would like to look upon this complicated problem.
I strongly believe that the youth are hardworking, responsible and polite to adults and peers. In the first place, they prefer to spend time on self-development and self-education. Young people read books, do sports, take part in competitions and Olympiads and engage in creative activities. In the second place, teenagers are sympathizers tic and understanding. They respect people's choices and support others in all their difficult situations.
On the other hand, opponents maintain that adolescents are incentive, discourteous teens and disrespectful to adults. People aged between thirteen and eighteen years, behave rudely and obscenely, offend other people and have nasty habits.
It may be true, but I am afraid I do not agree with this reason. Teenagers are courteous because it is important for them to look well-mannered and organized. They do not want to appear disrespectful to others because they watch themselves and their behavior.
In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that adolescents unreasonably have a bad reputation, because they are quite cultured and responsive.

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