The Best Countries to Live In

Living in the same country for years sounds boring. Like come on, don’t you want to see everything in the world? Every country has their own uniqueness and exploring them is what people want in order to search for happiness in life. You can visit countries of course, but one day if you visited a country that you really feel comfortable to live in, it will be very hard for you to even leave that country to go back home. Although it sounds scary to start new life in different country with new traditions, new places, new people, and everything starts fresh, deep inside their mind it is still what they  want. So here, we have compiled some best countries to live in based on every aspects related to life itself.


Switzerland is a small country in Central Europe. Based on statistics, the current population of Switzerland is 8.8 million from the latest update on January 20th, 2023. In terms of income per capita, Switzerland is one of the lowest unemployment countries and one of the countries with highest income per capita. Thanks to the low taxes and developed services, this country can be your destination to live in. The financial power makes this country not only enjoyable to live in, but also less number of crimes due to the low percentage of poverty.


Norway is the heaven of the earth. The country is well-known from its beauty with the mountains and the majestic views all over the country. The population of Norway is around 5.4 million people with the total size of the area is 385,207 square kilometers. In terms of financial aspect, Norway is also one of the best countries which has high income per capita and was boosted its financial power from the discovery of oil and gas during 1960s. in terms of life quality, it is hard to beat Norway as this country has some aspects that outperform other countries in this area. From work life balance, education system, safety and security, and of course the main part of life, the life satisfaction, Norway is ahead of most countries in the world.


In Asia, Japan is the top destination for people to visit as well as to live in. You will have at least 3 reasons why you should move in to Japan which includes the foods, tradition, and economy. The food in Japan is in a different level compared to European dishes. In terms of taste, it will take some time for foreigners to get used with the foods in this country, but once you adapt to the foods here, it will be hard for you to be back eating the same foods you eat in European countries. Japan also has unique traditions which can’t be found in any other countries in the world. The level of politeness there is something you will miss once you are back to your home country.

Those are the three countries you might want to consider yourself to move in. Living in a different county sounds scary as you will have to adjust a lot of things in order to adapt to new environment and people. However, if you are young and seeking to see the other part of the world, it is not a bad idea to choose one of those three countries to live in.

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