The Future of VR Technology

Technology has been drastically improving in the recent years, especially in gaming industry. VR or virtual reality offers a new way of enjoying games or any other entertainments into another level. Based on the research conducted by IDC in 2022, it is believed that the market for virtual reality and augmented reality would hit 15.5 billion Euros and expected to grow up to 77% in 2023. The evolution of the technology has become the core of the business transformation. 

What is VR?

In simple explanation, VR or virtual reality is an environment generated by computer and the user is brought to the whole new world and has full control of himself in the world filled with full of virtual objects in order to feel the immersive interaction. Though it seems a jump of technology in the modern days, the invention was originally introduced during 1950s in a device called Sensorama, a device with a built-in seat which played 3D movies.

Challenges of VR

With the evolution of virtual reality, it is believed that business owners running in this technology should be aware with some challenges in order to keep the level of disadvantage maintained on lower level than the advantage. The harmful risks to the users are also aspects that need to be focusing on the development of virtual reality. Risks like motion sickness, psychological impact and eye health of the users should be minimized. Addiction to this technology is also the aspect that needs to be considered in order to maintain the long-term health of the users.

VR coming to smartphones and tablets?

There is a rumor that virtual reality is coming to android platform. This is still a rumor and likely to be a false information. However, with the increase of the acceptance for VR and AR, there is still hope that the market will grow and many more devices to be able to run VR games and other kinds of entertainments. North America claims as the biggest share of VR and AR market, but with the expansion of the interest to people in Asia-Pacific with countries like China, India, Japan and South Korea are demanding more of the VR devices for gaming. It is an unfortunate that even the increase of demand from many countries, the industry will still likely to struggle as the cost of the technology to the underdeveloped countries as well as ineffective user experience.

Virtual reality has been changing the modern entertainment into another level and many business owners are competing to enter this market in order to supply the users with many interesting and interactive entertainments to offer to them. However, this also creates challenges to them as there are some health concerns to be raised such as the long-term health and cyber addiction to the users. With minimizing the harmful risks to users, it is likely that VR will dominate the market on entertainment industry and putting stronger foundation as the center of the technology evolution. It is very interesting to see how the world will be dominated with virtual reality entertainment which can bring users to the virtual world with the immerse feeling of the environment.

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