The Strange Love Story of Vincent Cassel

He was seen as a Lone Wolf, but then turned out to be the luckiest man alive for managing to win the heart of the most desirable actress. While millions of men could only dream about Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel accomplished her favour and even became her legally-wed husband.

Vincent and Monica's marriage seemed strange, as they often disagreed on having open relationships. Despite this, the couple looked still happily married. When Vincent and Monica eventually split up, their son Cassiel insisted he no longer wanted any kind of relationship. How was it that a young model managed to break all of Vincent's principles?

They are foolish and boring!

Yes, that was exactly how the actor spoke about young girls, insisting his preference for women older than him. Vensan shared he could never thought of having a relationship with someone twice his age. This happened in 2015 when Cassal on vacation met Tina Kunakey.

She was dark, smiling, very beautiful; she was drinking rum, dancing and constantly joking. Vincent couldn't take his eyes off her. In the bar Tina persuaded Cassel to give her a surfing lesson - he agreed, thinking that a light romantic rum holiday wouldn't do any harm.

Unexpected Love

They were strolling on the beach and chatting. Suddenly Vincent realised that Tina was different from other young girls: she did not gossip, take tons of selfies but listened a lot and laughed. She looked at him with such delight which Monica could never achieve. In the evenings, Cassel watched Kunaki dance in the bar surrounded by insistent admirers. The sight amazed him and irritated him. So, Vincent decided to talk to Tina and offer her exclusive relations.

Kunaki, the lovestruck one, agreed without hesitation. It didn't bother her at all that Vincent was older than her father. She was captivated by his strength, humor, and tranquility. After a year of being together, Vincent and Tiana made their first public appearance as a couple garnering attention from producers and fashion designers. In no time Kunaki became a popular model.

Wedding, Family and Monica

In 2017, rumors began circulating in the media that a crisis had occurred in the couple: Tina moved from Paris, where the lovers had settled down, to her family's home in Biarritz. Was there a conflict? Nobody knows, but Vincent admitted one time when Monica asked him when he would marry this girl.

Cassel understood that he couldn't lose Tina, who had even enchanted the strict Bellucci. He proposed to her hand and heart, even agreeing to hold a lavish wedding. In 2019, the lone wolf that had sworn never to get into serious relationships again became a father. Tina gave birth to a daughter whom they named Amazoni.

Someone still compares Tina and Monica but Vincent answers philosophically: he is already 50, he knows what and who to love so he doesn't want to waste his time on pretence.

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