Tom Selleck : What Happened After He Became Famous?

Tom Selleck was, and still is, one of the most-loved actor of all time. The most notable one that he played was in Magnum P.I. as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator who lived in Hawaii. During its time, the drama series consistently ranked in the top 20 of television programs in the US    and successfully became in top three during 1982-1983 season. From his part in the series, he was nominated as Outstanding Lead Actor in Drama Series, and then won in the year of 1985. With his outstanding acting performance, he was offered to play in some movies such as Killers, Jess Stone sequels, Monte Walsh, and one of the most-loved US TV series, Friends. Are you interested to know about his life and career after his big break from Magnum P.I.? Let’s find out.

Always had interest in acting

During his younger time, he was awarded a scholarship in University of Southern California from his basketball skill. Not only that, but he also joined United Airlines as a management trainee. Although his skills on basketball and his choice of study could have made him in a more conventional way, his love to acting put him into his decision to his career’s choice. Selleck decided to work as a model and not long after, he secured commercial spots, one of them was for Safeguard deodorant. Teri Garr as his co-star mentioned that he smelled just like how a man should do. Before his success on commercial spots, he tried his fortune to gain exposure when he appeared on The Dating Game in 1965, but he lost twice from the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Martin and Andy Akufman.

Served the military

Not all people know that Tom Selleck had joined the military in prior time. He was in the list of the army during the Vietnam War. Joining the California National Guard in 1967, his name was mentioned in the 160th Infantry Regiment, then achieved sergeant title and continued his service until 1973. Selleck who was still under contract during his time in the military, found out that he was fired when he returned home in 1969. He then appeared as the National Guard promotional material, as well as being a spokesperson for Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

Mae West was the reason for his big break

We all can say that his big break courtesy of Mae West after the legendary actress picked him herself in order to play one of her studs in Myra Breckinridge during the year of 1970. Tom Selleck himself gave his credit to the actress for helping him getting noticed. He mentioned that she mentioned him in the same sentence as Cary Grant in hundreds of interviews she did, making him gain his popularity and exposure in the business.

Forced to turn down from playing Indiana Jones

During 1981, he auditioned to play Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Although he got the role, CBS would not let him star the drama series Magnum P.I. He could have just received roles in both plays, but a writer’s strike held the production up, forcing Raiders to start the production at the same time as Magnum P.I did. Selleck did not have an option but to work as a handyman during the strike just to pay his bills. 

Hated Thomas Magnum

It was a rare occasion that actors or actresses hate their roles in the play, but not for Tom Selleck. He revealed that he initially hated the character he played in his interview with GQ in 2014. The character was like James Bond which has everything perfect for him like girls, car and anything. He said that character that is oppressed or downtrodden like Jim Rockford in The Rockford Files suits him better. After hearing his comment, the producers agreed to make the character more down-to-earth. This resulted to the series running for eight seasons.

Won Emmy awards

From his outstanding performance in the series Magnum P.I, he was awarded his first ever Emmy award as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 1984. Three years after winning the award, it was his co-star, John Hillerman who won the Emmy award. He then got nominate for four years in a row alongside with his co-star.

Friends marked his return to primetime TV

One of the most memorable US TV series, Friends, offered him a role as Richard Burke. The role was only played for three seasons as the boyfriend of one of the female characters, Monica Geller. Though it was a big series that people love, Tom Selleck was hesitant to take the role, considering to play for small role and also for less money. He also admitted being scared of guest-starring for a series filled with tight group of actors. However, all those thinking were finally dismissed as he took the role and ended up being nominated for Emmy awards once again in his career’s life. The success of his role was prized by given an extension in Friends to 10 episodes. Two years after he took Richard’s role in Friends, he was offered to star a new sitcom called The Closer which he took it for a full season.

Those are the career and life facts about Tom Selleck. His career rocketed when he played a role in Magnum P.I, after that his popularity gained so quickly. Though there were some prospects of roles that might change his career life like when he was forced to turn down the role for Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, he managed to keep his career successful after winning the Emmy awards in 1984. Tom Selleck also joined the military and became an Infantry during Vietnam War, but after returning home, his shine was still so bright in the commercial world. He then took a role in one of the best TV shows of all time in the US, Friends, taking a small role but still memorable character that Friends’ fans all over the world will remember him as Richard.

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