Top 10 interesting facts about Canada

The history of Canada stretches back thousands of years to the first Indigenous inhabitants. It became part of the British Empire through several wars and treaties before eventually achieving independence in 1867 when three separate colonies formed a new country now known as Canada. Since then, it has grown into one of the most prosperous countries in the world with its own distinct culture and identity. The nation is also noted for its many contributions to science, literature, sports, politics, business and entertainment.

Top 10 interesting facts about Canada

1. Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia. 

2. The average temperature of Canada ranges from -40 degrees Celsius during winter to 40 degree Celsius during summer months in some parts of Canada due to its large size and climate variation across its regions. 

3. Hockey is considered as the official sport of Canada and Canadians are extremely passionate about it! 

4. The highest mountain peak located entirely within Canadian borders is Mount Logan at 6,050 meters (19,850 feet). 

5. Canada has over 31 million higher animals such as bears, moose deer and bison living inside it's landmass boundaries making it one of most bio diverse countries on earth. 

6. The longest street in the world , Yonge Street runs through Ontario with a length above 1700 kms! 

7. Canada shares 16%of worlds total water supply making it the freshwater superpower ! 

8. With an area just below 10million square kilometers, Canada covers almost 1.96% of Earth’s surface yet holds more than 11000 lakes which makes up for 60% of entire planets fresh water supply!! 

9. It consists approximately two hundred thousand islands with only two major ones i e Vancouver Island & Newfoundland ! 10Inuit people are native inhabitants who have been residing here since ancient times

Top 7 beautiful places to visit in Canada

1. Niagara Falls, Ontario 

2. Banff National Park, Alberta 

3. Québec City, Quebec 

4. Victoria and Butchart Gardens in British Columbia 

5. Old Town Lunenburg in Nova Scotia 

6. Prince Edward Island’s Anne of Green Gables House & Cavendish Beach Coastal Drive 

7. Calgary Tower or Olympic Park in Alberta

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