Top 5 places to visit in Greece

Greece is one of the oldest countries in Europe and holds a significant place in the history of Western civilization. Its impact on culture, art, philosophy, politics and science has been immense all over the world for centuries. The earliest evidence of human life in Greece dates back to Neolithic times (7000-3000 BC). Ancient Greek civilization began around 2000 BC with Minoan Crete being its first major trading power before it was destroyed by an earthquake sometime after 1400BCE. Mycenaean culture then came into existence and eventually transitioned into Classical Greek society which flourished from 800 BCE to 323 BCE when Alexander The Great took control until his death shortly thereafter. This period saw great achievements such as democracy (Athenian), theatre, literature & poetry amongst other things that would later influence various cultures throughout time - especially Rome who adopted much of their governmental system following conquest by Phillip II Of Macedon at 338BCE although they did also have aspects unique to themselvs thus forming what we today call Greco-Roman civilisation. During this period there were several wars between different city states including Sparta vs Athens or Persians but ultimately led toward advancement through new innovations advances science mathematics architecture engineering etcetera. During Hellenistic Period (323 – 146 BCD) Greeks spread throughout Asia Minor establishing religious systems like Stoicism Epicureanism Cyrenaicism Skepticism philosophies doctrines practices ceremonies rituals laws customs commerce arts sciences language medicine trade books theater music visual arts etcetera which continue impacting many civilizations even nowadays! Furthermore during due course Greek colonization services had extended practically everywhere from Mediterranean up northwards Black Sea region eastward across Middle East crossing Indian subcontinent North Africa down south Atlantic coastline creating multiple cultural links exchanges contacts experiences spreading their knowledge ideas far wide around Earth’s circumference while Roman Empire kept dominating Western World most well known example here might be Latin Alphabet derived largely out those languages alphabetical writing scripts accompanied eventful transformations found within almost every realm social economic political military etc. From Early Christian era till Modern Age ideals principles values stemming out Hellenic Golden Age carried important role supporting promoting contemporary European American models legislation shaping opinions views lifestyles worldwide leading events occurrences subsequent ages coming lastly globalisation process current day Global Village age where obviously again still main contributions come right these sources!

Top 5 places to visit in Greece

1. Athens - The capital city of Greece and one of the most significant ancient cities in Europe, it is home to some remarkable sites like the Parthenon at Acropolis, National Archaeological Museum and numerous other temples, theatres and landmarks that date back thousands of years! 

2. Santorini - This breathtaking group of islands boasts white-washed towns hugging cliffs over a crystal blue sea below – providing incredible views from every angle. Besides its splendid landscape there are plenty historical attractions here too including Akrotiri archeological site with ruins dating from 16th century BC amidst others! 

3. Mykonos - A beautiful Cycladic island known for its picturesque whitewashed houses overlooking azure waters; this lively party spot also has many Byzantine churches as well as several museums to explore, making it an ideal all round holiday destination for visitors looking for both day & night activities during their trip! 

4. Delphi - Located on slopes Mount Parnassus in central Greece lies this former seat or Oracle which had tremendous religious significance until 4th Century AD when Christianity become dominant force across region– must visit attraction includes temple Apollo along with Castalian Spring alongside archaeological finds located nearby 

5. Rhodes Town – Medival walled town full vibrant atmosphere due year long sunshine climate provides large range amenities tourist visitor alike whether interested taking sightseeing tour around old town shoppingspree high street days spent sunning yourself beach.

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