Twitter wants to charge brands $1000 per month for a verification badge.

Twitter, the social network owned by American businessman Elon Musk, continues to experiment with monetization of content on its platform. According to a report from The Information, the company has decided to force brands to pay for verified gold badges at $1000 per month.

Fragments of internal messages which Twitter supposedly sends to trade companies and brands with accounts on the platform have entered into circulation. The verification badge will cost them $1000 a month. In addition, the company plans to additionally charge $50 per month for each registered account associated with an official brand account.

Gold stars for businesses announced shortly before the launch of the Verification for Organizations program (formerly known as Blue for Business). This is apparently one of the benefits that verifies the authenticity and authenticity of the account. It also grants rights to add accounts related to branded people and facilitate communication between customers and company employees.

Implementing a paid subscription is only one of the changes that Elon Musk enacted to pay off margin debt. The billionaire had to borrow roughly $13 billion (likely in exchange for Tesla stock) to close the deal with Twitter's buyer. In addition to mass layoffs and canceling employee perks such as free food, Musk began charging users eight dollars per month for a blue checkmark. He will soon also force developers to pay for access to the company's API or risk being removed from the platform entirely regarding any mention of their products.

Since Musk has acquired the social network, he has repeatedly hinted at its possible bankruptcy. On Sunday, the billionaire posted a series of tweets and responses about how his controversial actions have nonetheless led to a positive outcome. According to him, financially Twitter has not yet been "healed" completely but the social network is on course for future stability.

The businessman also complained that the last three months had been quite difficult for him, as he had to not only rescue Twitter from bankruptcy, but also take care of his other companies Tesla and SpaceX.

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