What is OnlyFans, Who Uses It and How Does it Work?

Onlyfans is an online platform that helps content creators better monetize their fan base. It was founded in 2016 by Timothy Stokely and currently has over 25 million registered users. On OnlyFans, you can create your own profile where you share photos, videos, live streams or anything else to gain income from your supporters through subscriptions and tips. Content on the site is typically adult-oriented but there are more PG-rated options available too–think creative hobbies like cooking tutorials or beauty/makeup reviews. Content creators can set how much they charge per month for access to their page as well as any additional fees for individual posts (like extra images). They also have control of who sees what on their profile; setting separate prices for different levels of viewership could bring in even more revenue if desired by the creator. Additionally, all payments made via OnlyFans come with a fixed commission rate so it’s easy to take home an estimated 70% of each sale after payment processing costs have been incurred—a number considered highly competitive within the industry considering digital services don't usually give out such high percentages! Furthermore, cashouts occur automatically every seven days meaning no waiting around time whatsoever when trying to collect earnings quickly enough before needing them again next pay period(as long as account minimums are met). This makes life easier especially during those busy times when money comes tight fast yet still needs spending right away. Overall this leads us back to why people love using Onlyfans: due its safe security measures built into the system which protect both parties participating while allowing anyone passionate about creating something unique generate some nice side incomes at ease without having pressure from big streaming companies dictating everything being produced regarding quality standards etc. And lastly lets not forget these substantial earning potential offered here too!!

Is it legal to use OnlyFans ?
It depends. Using Onlyfans as a model is allowed in some countries, but it may also be illegal due to age limits and other regulations that vary from country to country. Generally speaking, anyone over 18 can use their body for financial compensation through OnlyFans; however, those under the legal adult age must have parental consent and follow local laws. Additionally, you should always make sure your content does not violate any copyright or nudity rules set by both the platform itself and applicable law enforcement agencies in your area before posting on social media sites like OnlyFans.

How To register on OnlyFans ?
1. Visit the OnlyFans website and click on “Sign Up” in the top right corner of your screen. 

2. Enter your name, email address, username, password and date of birth to create an account with OnlyFans. When you have successfully created an account it will take you through a verification process before accessing any content or having access to other features associated with it - this is important for both users privacy & safety as well as only permitting those who are 18+ onto its site/app Go back to the main page after setting up your profile where there will be two options available: Email Verification (which requires one just simply inputting their registered email) OR Mobile Verification (where one can enter their number + receive a code via SMS that needs entering). Both must be completed in order to fully activate one's new account! 

3. After completing either option head over near the bottom left side-bar again where there'll now be another section marked 'Verify' — here if people choose they may link various social media accounts such as Twitter & Instagram etc if they wish which also helps boost credibility but isn't mandatory even though it could help increase followers quickly too due them adding more visibility around these services then added automatically across all platforms when connected together at once.

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