Selecting a pet cat. Most Popular Cat Breeds

Domestic cats, or Felis catus, have a long and fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. They are one of the most popular pet species in the world today. The exact origin of domestic cats is unknown, but it’s believed they first appeared sometime between 9500–12000 BC in Egypt where wildcats were domesticated by farmers for their rodent-catching abilities. Several mummified evidence has been found buried alongside Ancient Egyptians which suggest that humans interacted with these animals on a daily basis more than 5000 years ago! The ancient Greeks also kept companion cats to protect against vermin while ships were at port. During Roman times, ownership became fashionable as well as practical— Julius Caesar himself was said to be quite fond of his feline friends! It didn't take long before domestic felines slowly spread throughout Europe and eventually arrived in America during colonial times via ship cargo holds full of stowaway passengers: rodents such as black rats who brought fleas along with them - providing food sources for those pesky pests known affectionately (or not so much) among sailors around the world since age old mariners noted items being chewed through aboard their wooden crafts meant only one thing – disgusting rat infestations!!! Cats continued to gain popularity over time due to their low cost maintenance requirements and natural hunting instincts; it's no surprise then why they've become one modern day symbol associated with independence & gracefulness often espoused within cultures all round globe whether its large cities like Paris (France) home town country side countryside population centers across UK Country England/Scotland…even right here United States where President Obama had two longtime furry companions famously named Bo & Sunny living White House residence too :) !

Most Popular Cat Breeds

1. British Shorthair - This breed is one of the oldest natural breeds in existence, having been developed over centuries to be a companion pet and have an easy-going temperament. They are known for their dense coats with plush fur and distinctive round face with prominent eyes and ears. 

2. Ragdoll - A large cat breed renowned for its sweetness, docility, placid personality, gentle disposition, intelligence and loyalty towards its owners as well as being affectionate to strangers too! The most recognizable characteristic about this kitty is it's long luxurious coat that can come in many colors variations from seal point or chocolate mink all the way up to lilac lynx points! You can definitely see why they live up to their name “Ragdolls” because those silky soft hairs just beg for cuddles every now & then! 

3 Persian - One of the world's most popular breeds (and rightly so!) these serene coated cats possess beautiful facial features such as wide set "sad" shaped eyes amidst small rounded heads atop muscular bodies which combine together nicely giving them a truly majestic appearance not often seen amongst other feline varieties alike!! Physically speaking; Persians boast thick medium length coats filled out by bushy tails coupled along side puffy cheeks & big round bellies rendering them quite huggable indeed considering how robust yet delicate these felines happen too look when compared against others of similar bloodlines..

 4 Maine Coon – The largest domesticated breed of cat around today–the Maine coons have become very popular due mainly to their outgoing personalities blended perfectly within rugged good looks combined across rather large body frames measuring on average 10-20 lbs depending upon gender differences plus individual diets etc… These cats exude plenty attitude but remain incredibly loving at heart—even if some may liken them better suited living outside instead inside typical residences where furniture might become pushed beyond limits through extreme curiousness common among kittens everywhere although adults tend more so toward lazy relaxed napping habits without question

5 Siamese – Possibly best recognized immediately thanks mostly genes originally coming straight out whom we refer both commonly + historically : Thailand otherwise aka Siam …Siamese naturally stand apart clearly than even relatedly bred types shown distinction behaviorally —they form strong bonds easily humans while also displaying plainly high levels energy demanding playtime attention no doubt throughout entire lives especially kittenhood stages during middle twenties age wise maturing mentally emotionally. Not surprisingly given background aligned strongly early role guarding people property temples clearly show admirable traits usually considered fundamental foundation friendly relationship forming between animals regardless species standing would explain partly popularity continued experience decades demand never fading away somewhat owning least one such item collection sure bet guarantee years fun family entertainment ! 

6. Bengal – Originating crossbreeding Asian Leopard Cat wild ancestor back mid eighties domestic house bengal showed potential succeeding quickly winning favor fanciers overall markings patterns reminiscent jungle counterpart besides cool factor however lay behind capability learning tricks acting mannerisms seemed almost doglike impression perhaps helped propel newer exotic hybrid forward into spotlight prime time eventually loyal dedicated following firmly established leaving competitors gasp wonder watching rise stardom eventfully accordingly since achieved firm footing becoming increasingly mainstay homes worldwide. Recognizable instantly leopardish spotted patterned coat ranging array colorations room variances conforming regulations regard size weight restrictions practical reasons creating easiness keeping conservatories closed environment off primary concern caregivers making great choice anyone wanting bring little bit wildlife luxury residence without worry consequence traditional flair need worry much damages nor destructive tendencies roaming indoors unsupervised !

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