What to gift on valentine's day ?

The origins of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the Ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. This celebration was dedicated to Faunus, the god of agriculture and Romulus & Remus – two brothers who were central characters in Rome's foundation myth. During this holiday, men sacrificed animals to honor Faunus and then feasted on them with their families as part of a fertility ritual. On February 15th each year young boys would draw women’s names from an urn or box – these paired couples would stay together for at least one whole year! While it is unclear how exactly St Valentine ended up linked with romantic love there are various legends about him giving secret messages during imprisonment which eventually led his name being associated forevermore with lovers.

For her : 

1. Bouquet of her favorite flowers 

2. Personalized jewelry with a message from the heart 

3. A weekend getaway to celebrate your love 

4. A spa day for relaxation and rejuvenation 

5. Box of chocolates or other treats that she loves 

6. Custom portrait of you two together as an everlasting memory 

7. Scrapbook album filled with memories shared over time 

8. Monogrammed robe, slippers and lingerie set for a cozy night at home 

9. Gift basket filled with beauty products that she enjoys 10 . An experience such as cooking classes or tickets to see her favorite artist

For him:

1. A Personalized Gift: Whether it's jewelry, engravable items like money clips and cufflinks or something else that can be personalized with a special message, your guy will love the thoughtfulness of this gift. 

2. An Activity Together: Give him an experience he'll never forget by planning out a romantic activity to do together such as cooking classes, wine tasting or a fancy dinner for two at his favorite restaurant. 

3. His Favorite Things: Get creative by gathering all of his favorite things into one package – think tickets to sporting events/concerts, DVD sets of shows he loves (Game Of Thrones!), snacks from around the world and more! 

4. A New Watch : Make sure he’s always on time with this classic accessory - you may even want to get it engraved with your names so everyone knows who gave it when they see him wearing it proudly! 

5. A Spa Day For Him : Treat the man in your life right- give him some extra pampering and relaxation through spa day services like massages , facials , manicures etc ! Don't forget about yourself too Spas often offer couples packages as well ! 

6. Gadgetry Goodies : Is there any tech savvy geek in need of making their electronic gadgets look fancier ? You can surprise them withe multiple array USB charging cable station which is designed specifically for easy access while saving space + looks stunningly cool at home & office desktops alike 

7. Fitness Must Haves :If fitness activities make up a part of daily routine then you should definitely not miss out on putting forward gifts revolving health conscious additions dedicated specific exercises ; Choose from jump ropes gym ball & sliders ,etckeep fit enthusiast us every happy 

8. DIY Gifts : Feeling crafty ? Why don't you put those ideas into practise showing off what skills have been acquired till now Use mason jars diaries scrapbooks photo frames boxers filled little stuff custom calligraphy nameplate wall art wooden cutting boards the possibilities are endless 

9 .Sports Equipment & Accessories Pay attentionto sports hobbies explore interests whatever type mightbe perfect valentinewill surely appreciate any equipment related 

10. Beer Basket Complementing wide collection sweet treats filling rustic basket up variousbeer types create ultimatecan excuse brewery trip following

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